Ten moments of pure "WE JUST GOT MARRIED" joy!

Getting photo albums from photographers can be a little bit like Christmas morning, and these moments of happiness are some of the best gifts in the bunch. It’s that combination of love, awe, relief, and sheer happiness that they’ve just officially married their favorite person and now they get to party to celebrate it.

Photo:  Eleven11 Photography , Florals: Una Floral, Venue: Krippendorf Lodge

Photo: Eleven11 Photography, Florals: Una Floral, Venue: Krippendorf Lodge

We draped our Athens rug up the stairs at the Krippendorf Lodge, a beautiful venue surrounded by the Cincinnati Nature Center’s Rowe Woods. How cute are Jessica and Marcus’ pose and excitement?

Photo:  Cassandra Zetta Photography , Florals: Eden Florals, Venue:  Urban Artifact

Photo: Cassandra Zetta Photography, Florals: Eden Florals, Venue: Urban Artifact

Holly and Terri danced down the aisle between our copper tolix chairs and streamlined copper arbor.

Photo:  Jenn Manor Photography , Venue: Neltner’s Farm

Photo: Jenn Manor Photography, Venue: Neltner’s Farm

China of Olive Creative Co was one of our first rug aisle clients, and we’re still obsessed with her wedding photos!

Photo:  Eleven11 Photography , Florals: Katie’s Blooms, Venue: Rhinegeist Brewery

Photo: Eleven11 Photography, Florals: Katie’s Blooms, Venue: Rhinegeist Brewery

Elizabeth and Adam were the COOLEST couple (this is not hyperbole). They brought our copper chairs into Rhinegeist and they just glowed in there. (The photo in that event space link is from their wedding, that’s how good it looked.)

Photo:  Nikita Gross , Venue: De La Dance Studio

Photo: Nikita Gross, Venue: De La Dance Studio

Alexandra and John got married at the dance studio were Alexandra teaches (she’s also our Pilates instructor). Their adorable dog lead them down the aisle between our reclaimed wood benches and the Moroccan white trellis arch that John made and which now lives in our inventory. We covered the whole floor in vintage rugs, but Budapest is the one you can really see in this photo.

Photo:  Alex Marie Photography , Florals: The Wedding Designer*Susan Foy, Venue:  The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum

Photo: Alex Marie Photography, Florals: The Wedding Designer*Susan Foy, Venue: The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum

I can’t get over how sweet this moment between Meghan and Zack is! They were the first ones to use our barnwood base copper arbor, and it couldn’t have asked for a better debut.

Photo: Hannah Breidinger of  Hearts & Color Co , Florals: Eden Floral, Venue: Urban Artifact

Photo: Hannah Breidinger of Hearts & Color Co, Florals: Eden Floral, Venue: Urban Artifact

Susan and Nick were so intentional about all the choices they made for their wedding. Susan’s face in this makes me smile every time I see it!

Photo:  Molly Jane Photography , Venue & florals:  Marmalade Lily

Photo: Molly Jane Photography, Venue & florals: Marmalade Lily

Sloan and Lou’s photos are so full of humor and joy, just like them! Their wedding on a flower farm was #bohogoals, including the rug aisle featuring our Valencia rug.

Photo:  Cassandra Zetta Photography , Venue: Oxford Community Arts Center

Photo: Cassandra Zetta Photography, Venue: Oxford Community Arts Center

Zach and Cody met while students at Miami University (making them a Miami Merger) and studying abroad in Luxembourg. We brought an Old World feel to Oxford, Ohio with our mismatched wooden chairs, vintage books, brown bottles, and brass candlesticks.

Photo:  Best Day Ever Photography , Venue: Neltner’s Farm

Photo: Best Day Ever Photography, Venue: Neltner’s Farm

And finally, this happy, quiet moment after two single parents officially created a new, larger family. You can read more of their story on Cincinnati Wedding Magazine.


We hope you enjoyed this collection of happiness! You can see more photos of real weddings on our Instagram.

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Queen City Vignette at the Film Cincinnati Re-Launch Party

We were thrilled and flattered when Brave Berlin reached out to us to furnish a few lounge areas for the Film Cincinnati rebranding event last month!  It is so exciting to see the Warner Bros. distribution building beautifully restored and ready to be of service to Cincinnati!

We took the opportunity to debut our Viking twins Leif & Leif in what can only be called the hollywood lounge. The Sazerac twins warmed up a lonely corner with our favorite new Budapest rug,  Olive warmed up a homey OTR-themed lounge.  And then there was the showstopper, the Cubano lounge, anchored by Peron and many beautifully layered rugs. Thanks, Film Cincinnati! We feel famous.  

Be sure to check out the before pictures of this incredible renovation

Oak, Toast and Two Aging Barrels!

Setting the stage for the Oak, Toast and Two Aging Barrels event was probably the most fun we've had all year. Well, okay, let's leave the superlatives at home... when your clients are as awesome to work with as ours have been, every job is a blast, but this event really let us flex our muscles.  

Designing a mad-hatter style tablescape for 20 was a fun challenge, and we pulled the look together using our extensive collection of brass, mis-matched metallic chargers, 20 wooden chairs, and a collection of vintage blankets for extra warmth. Let's face it, the four courses of bourbon was already doing most of the work! In addition, we created the florals for this event, incorporating local sunflowers from Gorman Heritage Farm. 

The Sunday brunch was just as fun and had a distinct styling that incorporated the same great brass pieces, florals, and ribbon detail for a pop of color.

Several styled seating areas created a memorable place for guests to gather too.  

Good golly, Miss Molly Wellmann, you crew sure does know how to throw a party!  Thanks for trusting us to work our magic on your inaugural bourbon bash!  We're really looking forward to next year.   If you missed out, you should really just go ahead and write this event into your 2016 plans.  

Dream Job: Moss Wedding

Our current Dream Job is a winter wedding in a greenhouse, decorated with moss. That sounds specific, I know, but just take a moment to go on a journey with me...

Why Winter?
Let's talk about winter weddings. Sure, spring is GORGEOUS, and you have all of those fantastic flowers to choose from, but getting married at peak season can be pricey, which might leave you cutting corners on details that matter to you. Considering a winter wedding is a great way to have the ceremony of your dreams on a tighter budget. Venues will often offer better rates and after the holidays businesses like caterers and florists experience a little lull. You'll likely have better date availability and more prime vendors to pick from, which is great if you haven't been planning your wedding for years in advance. All right, you last-minute Millies, enough of the practical!  Winter weddings offer a great chance to focus on all of the memorable details.  You don't have to think about big design challenges, like how to make that big white tent homey and pretty, so you can zero in on the details.  Think ring boxes, guest favors, plating details and gorgeous escort cards! 

Click on the photo to see more of this bride and groom's adorable scrabble wedding at HJ Benken's grenehouse.  

Click on the photo to see more of this bride and groom's adorable scrabble wedding at HJ Benken's grenehouse.  

The full, textural interior of a greenhouse makes for some pretty exquisite photos too!  Check out this stunning Cincinnati wedding at the HJ Benken's greenhouse.  Your photographer will love playing with the textures and depths and all that production value comes with the package! 

So if you're a bride in the Cincinnati area and this off-beat event sounds like your cup of tea, please get in touch!   Queen City Vignette would LOVE to provide rentals and design services for your wedding,  513-813-VTG1 or get in touch via our contact form.    

Thanks for stopping by!

The entrance to Cincinnati's dramatic, Art Deco Krohn Conservatory captured by photographer Bryon Black. Click through to see more of the charming wedding he captured.  

The entrance to Cincinnati's dramatic, Art Deco Krohn Conservatory captured by photographer Bryon Black. Click through to see more of the charming wedding he captured.  

Think Green...house

It's chilly outside. The moment your guests step into an warm greenhouse, shed their winter garb they'll thank you. A sunny day will be so warm and comfortable that your wedding party will feel as if they've joined you on a tropical destination wedding. What's that?  It's raining outside?  No worries!  The rain will add some drama and excitement to the ceremony.  If you love the sound of rain on a tin roof, wait until you hear rain falling on a greenhouse ceiling, plus with a gray sky background the greens of the plants and your colorful wedding decor will really pop.   


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This is Emma and her cat Frankie My Dear (whose name is a clever twist on an infamous Gone with the Wind line.)

Emma and Frankie My Dear

If you meet Emma, ask her if she has a good picture of her cats- but only if you've got an hour or so to spare. Besides Queen City Vignette, Emma works in a vintage store in Over the Rhine and teaches and DJs at swing dance events in the area. If she's dancing while you talk to her, don't worry, she's still listening- it's just an active, full body listen. She's addicted to Craigslist antiques (is there a support group of some kind?) and Instagram, where she manages three accounts: @queencityvignette, @mannequin_otr, and @anemmaanne. The latter account is her personal one and is only 30% pictures of cats.

Emma and Amber

This is Amber and her pup Greta (originally named after Garbo, but her personality more closely resembles Gerwig's).

Amber and Greta

Amber's outfits are always on point- as they should be, considering she's run an online vintage clothing store (Anatomy Vintage) for the past five years. She's a thrift store champion, with a belt black in deal finding and creepy dude avoiding. She was lucky enough to work as a production assistant and extra on The Blunderer recently, where she got to shake Eddie Marsan's hand a dozen times. Life goal? Check. Pictures of Amber are a lot like evidence of Bigfoot- blurry and kinda mystical. Ask her to make you a cocktail! It'll be delicious.

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Found: rare and uber-pretty Noritake Argonne china

It's a small miracle that I didn't do backflips in the glassware aisle the day I found these Noritake Argonne pattern dishes.  I nabbed a number of small salad and dessert plates, and one fantastically large platter.  Unfortunately there were no large plates in the set, but now I'm on the hunt.  Watch out, china collectors of Cincinnati!  These pieces will be available in our mix / match table service collection. 

Can you believe the beautiful celadon green color and that stained glass style geometric design?  ~swoon~